So, the news broke today that Amazon has bought the largest book community on the web, Goodreads, which is also the lifeblood of my reading life. My first thought, as someone who works in the digital world, was "REALLY smart acquisition on the part of Amazon." They just bought the attention of 16 million of the most avid readers in the world. My next thought as someone who watched Apple buy and destroy my favorite music service LaLa in 2009, was "AMAZON BETTER NOT MESS WITH MY GOODREADS." 

My reaction now is somewhere in between. I don't believe it will turn out to be in Amazon's best interests to destroy Goodreads. Apple bought what they saw as a competitor (LaLa), while Amazon is buying Goodreads in a bid to increase their social footprint around books. Might they mess with the Goodreads formula? Potentially. But I'm in a wait and see mode. The hysteria I'm hearing from my book blogging compatriots who are threatening to close their Goodreads accounts seems premature and reminiscent of EVERY SINGLE TIME FACEBOOK HAS A SLIGHT DESIGN CHANGE.

Am I somewhat concerned at Amazon's potential monopoly on the book world? Sure. Total monopoly always has a negative effect. Do I think their purchase of Goodreads is the straw that will tip the world into READING APOCALYPSE? No. I'm personally looking forward to being able to rate my e-books straight from my Kindle and having my Goodreads account automatically update my e-book reading progress.

For everything else, I will be keeping a cautious but intensely fascinated eye on all developments!

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