Here at TGRM, I am an equal opportunity reader. This is a blog about reading, not just books, so let's discuss a limitless reading problem I haven't figured out. Online reading. I categorize online reading into two sections: one off articles and recurring feeds (namely blogs).

1. One Offs
I've tried just using a bookmarking service which marks things as unread, but I never go back. Never.

2. Recurring
So then I've tried Google Reader but invariably I fill it up with hundreds of blogs, get overwhelmed and quit using it. The sciency stuff behind it probably goes something like this: the pleasure center of my brain gets a little rush every time I "discover" and add a new blog. So, like a totally nerdy drug, it lures me to pursue the next high until I utterly destroy my online reading life!
So here's my new plan:

1.  Set aside 5 minutes a day to read one article off my to read bookmark list. Not an onerous commitment and my online reading life could benefit from the structure just as much as my book reading life has.

2. Declare Google Reader bankruptcy. I think I just need to destroy the old structure and build anew, with strict building regulations. I can't just add things willy nilly and I can't let blogs I'm not reading malinger.

So, give me some tips, everyone, as I do not have this online reading thing down! How do you manage your online reading life? What tools do you use? Have you ever considered declaring Google Reader (insert reader of choice here) bankruptcy?

01/26/2013 7:46pm

LOL! I totally understand how you feel about blogs! I have hundreds of RSS feeds coming into my Google Reader that sometimes overwhelms me.

To help with this, I split all my RSS feeds into different folders according to category and then assigned priorities to those categories (the priority numbers are in my head as Google Reader does allow for that). This means that I can focus on reading the top priority blogs and not worry about not getting through all the lower priority blogs. Occasionally I will glance through the lower priority feeds (list view, btw) to see if anything stands out before marking everything as 'read'. This way the number of unread posts drops back to zero, and helps me re-balance my life. =P

Sometimes I will also go through and purge feeds that I don't find that helpful or have stopped posting new content. Normally this is among my lower priority feeds as the higher ones are there for a reason.

03/26/2013 6:52am

What are you going to do now that google reader is dead?


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