Read up on principles 1 & 2 before carrying on to...

Principle #3: Utilize your library's hold system

I'll cover Principle #3 in more details in later posts, but here's the synopsis. Most, if not all, libraries at this point have a hold system. If you live in a medium to large sized library district also more than likely your library has a web-version of their catalog that you can use to put holds on books.  If your library system contains more than one library, more than likely, they also have developed an inter-library loan system where you can put a hold on a book from a more distant library and have it shipped to the library nearest you.
Let the following sink in: if you have access to the above components, you have at your fingertips what's essentially a FREE NETFLIX FOR BOOKS - you select the book online, it's shipped to you (in this case, to near you, not quite as convenient as your mailbox, but all in all still pretty dang convenient and amazing). You have already created your "Netflix" queue of books on Goodreads, so let's put in some holds!

Principle #4: Timing is everything: Remember to put your holds in for your next set of books when you're running low.

Timing is crucial, don't wait til you're OUT of books, as most library hold systems have around a week delay from the point of putting in the hold to the point it's available for pickup. So when you're running low (whatever a weeks worth of books is for you), pull up your Goodreads to-read list, your online library catalog and get started putting in holds! Go with your gut when picking books off your list - don't force yourself to go with whatever is next on the list, but browse through the selection and see what calls to you right now. Remember to keep in mind your personal ratio for Level 1, 2, 3 books. You'll need more level 3 books, than level 2 and 3 books.

Viola! Happy reading!

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