Recently on my Tumblr, I got the following feedback on my Reading Method.
I usually read 4 books at once and always thought there was something wrong with me but I just read your reading method page and realized that since I've been reading like this I've been finishing books faster and enjoying them more. I never realized that the reason I was reading so many at once was because of where I was and how I was feeling when I started each...

I, of course, had one of those floaty moments! Here is how I replied:
OMG, I think I just teared up a little! YES! I’ve read a lot of articles about “the best way to read” that say “concentrate on one book at a time, don’t get distracted and you’ll finish books faster.” I find the EXACT OPPOSITE to be true, when I have multiple books going, I actually finish them FASTER because I don’t burn out on any one book. So glad that’s been your experience too!!! *Happy Dance*

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