TGRM isn't just a blog! Here's what TGRM has been up to around the rest of the web this week!

I now have a Pinterest account! My username is, wait for it, TGRM! :) I'll be posting on the following four boards.

I'm on Goodreads as Gwen Miller. This week I've been reading the following books:
  • Getting Things Done (47% Done): I'm finding it slow going with this one. It's very repetitive. I don't truly think he had enough info to fill up an entire book. This would have probably worked better as a series of blog posts or a shorter book. The basic premise however is awesome and very useful: writing tasks down to get them off your brain. 
  • The Hero with a Thousand Faces (20% Done): While I like the premise of there being only a certain number of archtypes of characters throughout history, the Freudian psychology is getting to me a little bit. Understandably, this was as far as psychology had advanced at the time, but REALLY everything doesn't have to be the mothers fault. Ever heard of a father??? Note: This is standing in for my Level 1 (?) fiction book even though it's technically nonfiction. 
  • Dragon and Phoenix: (46% Done) I'm finding this one a little more slow-paced then the first in the series. Still pleasant though.
  • Maskerade (53% Done) Terry Pratchett does Phantom of the Opera. Got to love it!

I'm also on Facebook as The Gwendolyn Reading Method (like me!) and on Twitter as @TGwenRm.


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