“Libraries can also help raise questions. They can help learners see the connection between some problem and some new area of investigation. If we just understand the simple notion that people are most likely to take a deep approach when they are trying to answer questions or solve problems that they regard as important, intriguing, or beautiful, then we can imagine lots of ways in which libraries can play an essential role.”

--“Why Libraries Are The Best Places To Learn,” Annie Murphy Paul’s interview of Ken Bain, author of What The Best College Students Do

03/25/2013 9:19pm

I just went to a meeting on the future of libraries where they studied users and they liked an old fashioned idea of libraries as somewhere quiet where you go to do deep reading and thinking. Somewhere it's okay to be alone and away from the noise of the world.

03/26/2013 6:51am

I'd agree with that


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